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The technical programme committee appreciate papers which…

  • States clearly in the introduction the application and technical problem
  • Provides an original solution not previously published in journals or other conferences
  • Clearly identifies the novelty of the work is in the abstract, introduction and conclusions
  • Includes, where possible, quantitative claims and fair unbiased, comparisons to previous work
  • Includes a reasonable list of contextualized references
  • Correctly identifies the nearest prior state-of-the-art through citations
  • Acknowledges the contributions of other groups to the state-of-the-art through citations
  • Avoids unnecessary self-citations
  • Provides citations following the prescribed template
  • Includes a clear figure/schematic of the investigated setup/devices or configuration
  • Provides sufficient details to enable the work to be reproduced by others, including a clear description of structure/principle in addition to the results
  • Directly supports the claimed novelty with the presented results and goes beyond a simple iteration of a previous publication
  • Clearly justifies implementation choices in consideration of the application requirements
  • Provides a comprehensive discussion of the results
  • Includes results fundamentally reliant on optics
  • Includes quantities with the relevant number of significant digits and units
  • Complies fully with the official template
  • Has clear and legible figures, even after printing in black and white (the use of a vector format is recommended)
  • Has self-explanatory figures which do not require reference to the main text to be understood

Sub-committee guidance

Further guidance for each of the individual sub-committees can be found in the full ECOC Good Paper Guide.