Navigating the Spectrum of Optical Communication

Event Policies and Terms

Badges Policy

At ECOC 2019, badges are essential for accessing conference events. Each badge is unique and non-transferable. For safety, remove badges when outside the event. A $25 reprint charge applies for replacements.


We prioritize accessibility, offering ADA-compliant accommodations. Advance notice during registration helps us provide suitable services. On-site, look for the ADA symbol for assistance. Please limit scent use to accommodate all attendees.

Event Cancellation

In case of event cancellation, registration fees are refundable, but travel and housing expenses are the attendee’s responsibility.

Exhibitor Policy

Exhibitors receive complimentary badges. Booth cancellations affect badge types. Exhibitors must register outside contractors. Primary contacts must register separately.

Force Majeure

We’re not liable for delays or cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Attendees bear responsibility for related costs.

Identification at Registration

Photo ID is required at registration to ensure accurate attendance tracking. Registration materials aren’t provided without ID, and substitutes aren’t allowed.

Laser Pointer Safety

ECOC 2019 provides safe laser pointers. Personal pointers must be tested and approved on-site. Misuse may cause harm, and users are personally liable for damages.

Personal Information / Badge Scanning

Registrants’ information is accessible only to ECOC 2019 and co-sponsors. By allowing badge scanning, you consent to receiving communications from exhibitors and sponsors.

Recordings Policy

Recording sessions or show floor activities without prior consent is prohibited. Access to ECOC 2019 content is restricted to registrants, but sharing authorized content is allowed.


Discounted rates are available for full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Valid student ID is required at registration. Post-docs may not register as students.

Unsecured Items Policy

Personal belongings should not be left unattended. ECOC 2019 is not liable for lost or stolen items. Security may remove unattended items.